Being adequately conversant with the Escort Lingo is quite important to you, a newbie, on the hunt for your ideal escort. Acquiring the services of an exceptional escort, one that befits almost all of your personal desires, can be risky, hectic and equally dangerous. For starters, it’s imperative to be aware of the fact that an Escort is a term typically used to describe a woman who is paid by the hour, not for the act of sex-contrary to many beliefs-but at times for that act. Most of these escorts are comfortable with any fetish fantasies you might want to make-true with them, as long as they are not abusive or demeaning and when you can meet their stated price. However, when the deal is too sweet and mouthwatering, think twice and use the apt guide.

Hiring an escort is definitely among the many a thing one can never be taught in an educational facility, but learning how to expertly hire one is pretty laidback-like taking candy from a kid (or in this case, taking “candy” from the escort of your dreams). The following are some tips worth knowing and also some of the DOs & DON’Ts related to hiring an escort;

  • The simplest and one of the best ways of finding a suitable escort is seeking recommendations from a friend who is into hiring escorts and has done it severally before. Your experienced friend can mention a number of escorts/escort agencies and you can pick from the most applauded of the suggestions.
  • Research from reputable escort directory sites on the internet. Make an effort of syphoning the escort agency sites that are highly characterized by daily advertisements. Daily ads usually mean low class escorts due to the fact that the rates are cheap. Instead, look to hire from escort agency sites that usually offer monthly adverts.
  • Filter your search to the most possible description of your ideal escort. Key in details such as; meet and greet, stay-the-night, height, age, skin color/tone, busty, slim/slender, hair color or any other additional physical features best put by you
  • If you lack a particular taste and you are casually choosing from several escorts, cherry-pick an escort (or escorts) with the highest reviews. Sites such as and have been rated as the best databases that feature the best agencies and escorts around the world. These highly esteemed sites provide legit reviews and comments made by previous clients, on the escorts you are choosing from; giving you an informed decision
  • Once you’ve identified the escort of your wildest fantasies, carefully footnote her personal details. You are a stranger, so make sure to be respectful, polite and a little bit considerate. Regardless of saying to yourself that you are the one paying; be courteous, whether on phone, email or in person. The escort happens to be a professional too and like to any other professional, showing respect will create a comfortable environment for both parties.
  • Avoid bringing up other escorts/escort agencies in your subsequent conversations. Such compare and contrast might ruin a good moment between you and one might end up feeling discontented of the services offered by your ideal escort.
  • Don’t blackmail the escort in a bid to force her to submit to personal desires that are unacceptable to her This might lead to unfortunate occurrences that might prove harmful to either you or the escort. Picture the scenario of cornering a dog, however docile it might seem; it will probably “bite” in a bid of escaping.